Yen Hien Hoang

Product Design • Feature revamp • Versatile t-shaped designer

Experienced product designer crafting custom experiences

Iterating in my design approach feels akin to my efforts in bouldering—I need to attempt multiple times to achieve the best result.

My key values to offer

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AI is everywhere in this day and age, my design expertise and craftsmanship means I convert big, innovative ideas into powerful, accessible human experiences, which ignite emotions and provoke action.


With a focus on user-centered design and intuitive interactions, I aim to create unforgettable experiences that setting your product apart. I build bridges, connecting people to brands through interactive digital experiences.


Usability is a cornerstone of effective product design, ensuring that a product is easy to use, efficient, and satisfying for the user. It encompasses several key aspects that are essential for creating a seamless and intuitive user experience


Design maturity refers to the progressive enhancement of design processes, practices, and the strategic role of design within a company. As a senior designer, I have been instrumental in elevating design maturity across various stages, contributing to the holistic growth and success of the teams and products I have worked with.

Me as a coworker!

I am an experienced product designer who makes informed decisions based on data

I value diverse perspectives and leverage interdisciplinary teamwork to enhance my designs.

I clearly articulate my ideas, design rationale, and feedback to stakeholders, including developers, product managers, and clients, ensuring everyone is aligned and understands the design direction.

I efficiently use visualizing tools to create high-fidelity designs, prototypes, and collaborate with team members. Less effort but more impact.

I approach design challenges methodically, identifying the root causes of issues and crafting solutions that address both user needs and business goals

Beyond individual features, I think about the broader product strategy. I align my designs with business goals, market trends, and long-term user engagement, ensuring that the product evolves sustainably

My 16personalities type is the Executive ESTJ Personality

"Thanks to this project we discovered and realised our brand was so much more than what we thought. We're extremely happy about the results".
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"Not only the project inspired us about our brand, but the actual results we were able to accomplish were amazing."
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Jere Järvinen

Full stack developer