đź‘‹ I'm Yen Hien Hoang! A self-taught UX designer with hospitality background!


Laviat fitness project - UX case study

The app tackles the dilemma  of gaining motivation and efficiency at workout based on 3 unique features:
flexibility, reliability and connection. Exploring users needs as a support app to provide the efficiency and usability.

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A redesign of Wolt

In this day and age, the high need of online app food is incredible with the help of high tech. That’s the reason why how successful Wolt become as today. However, everything can be better in a way of improving user experience! My challenge will be improving the usability as well as the efficiency and effectiveness  of the app!

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Responsive agency website

The potential design agency in this case can be defined as an experienced agency with year of experience and valuable customers. They need to show off their great works together with a “transparent process of working” which solves the pain from incoming customers as mentioned in the persona. People is the spirit of products, showing their talented team is one of the most important point in their website.

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